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A wise woman once told me, 'It's all about foundation.  It doesn't matter how much you spend on an outfit, if the under garments aren't good, it will look like tat. Always invest in good lingerie.'  This piece of motherly advise always stuck with me and how incredibly true it was. Unfortunately not everyone was told the same thing...

The wrong undergarments can totally ruin the look of not just a fabulous outfit but, more importantly and more relevantly, a luxury, designer wedding gown. Shopping for bras and underwear might not be high on the agenda when browsing for your perfect bridal gown but it needs to be in your mind as if you cannot pair the gown with underwear that will avoid visible lumps, lines, straps, seams etc. then put the gown back on the rail! A perfect gown is only a perfect gown if that's how it looks when it is on you and your foundation is key to this.  

Top tips for creating the right foundation for your wedding gown,

- Decide on what type of underwear will work for you only when you have found the dress.  You'll only know what type of foundation will work for you when you see the gown on you and understand what's required.  Also bear in mind how alterations to necklines, seams, straps, waist etc, can effect how the dress will hang, bear in mind how this could effect exposed areas and therefore foundation required...

-Get fitted! You will have 3 or 4 fittings in your bridal gown, don't you think you should pay a little bit of time to the items that are going to be the base of your outfit.  Talk to the experts in the store and if you require a bra then make sure you get fitted professionally.  Different brands sizes differ dramatically. Too tight or too loose can have a horrifying effect on boob spillage, seams and straps.  It cost nothing and could open your eyes to what size actually works best for you.

-Mind your weight.  Brides can fluctuate in weight coming up to the big day, so if you have noticed a dramatic change in size or shape then you need to reassess your under garments to make sure they still fit.  Don't leave it to the night before or, even worse, the morning of the wedding to find out it doesn't fit...

-To bra or not to bra? Just because you wouldn't leave the house without a bra on a normal day does not automatically mean you must have one on the wedding day.  Don't forget how much work goes into the creation of a luxury gown, most nowadays take this into account and build in the support and coverage required to ensure the correct shape, lines and look is achieved without further items being needed.

-Pants! Everyone has their own preference when it comes to underwear, whether it's knickers, french pants, shorts, thong, G-string, or briefs.  For this one day forego you're preference and find a pair that are number one - comfortable, number 2 - seamless, number 3 - a colour that your won't see through your gown and number 4 - pretty enough for showing when your wedding dress comes off! 

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