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Health and fitness advice goes through just as many styles as fashion and food trends.  To try and stay up to date with the newest fad would break the commitment of even the fittest of the fit and would wreck complete havoc with your body, your mind and your metabolism.  Not what anyone, especially an already stressed bride-to-be needs to put themselves through.

Yes, we all want to look and feel our best on our wedding day. Yes, we all want to look back at the pictures from the wedding day and honeymoon and feel proud of how we looked. Yes, we all want the admiring glances as we glide up the aisle. But, most importantly, yes, we want to enjoy and celebrate to the full this monumental, once in a lifetime experience.  Starvation, muscle wastage and bridezilla enhancing fitness and diet plans are not the way to do it!

The industry, finally, has changed its perception of body acceptance. Skinny is out, and fit is in.  This is the best news, and a wonderful mind-set, for women and brides the world over, to learn to appreciate your own body and how to get fit and healthy for your own individual shape and silhouette. So, if you want to look, and importantly, feel your best and enhance your natural silhouette for your wedding day, then think smart.  There is no lasting, short term solution, but some small lifestyle changes can completely change your body, metabolism and mind-set; even better, this methodology lasts! 


-Drink More Water

-Reduce Salt Consumption

-Never Skip Meals, especially breakfast

-Move More, walk, run, cycle, dance, swim, it all counts!

-Cut Back on processed foods

-Restrict Fat, Sugar and giving into cravings and replace with alternative healthy options.

Brides, you start planning your wedding anything from 2 years to 9 months before the big day. When you start planning your big day, use this new planning and organisation mind-set to implement a practical, implementable and long-lasting health and fitness plan.  Perhaps all you want is to tone up, maybe you want more energy, you want clearer skin and glossier hair or maybe you want to drop a few pounds. Whatever your reasons, taking a sensible approach that you can stick with is the only way to long lasting success.  Losing 2lbs a week is a maintainable and sensible approach, more importantly, anything more than this is 4 times more likely to increase the chances of the weight creeping back on.  

Remember, the most beautiful brides glow and radiate happiness on their big day. Take your grooms and your guests breath away with how fabulous and happy you look gliding up the aisle, not over how painfully pronounced your collarbone is! Be fit, healthy and happy on your wedding day.  Start a new healthy lifestyle now!

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