If you want to plan a wedding right, plan it AS yourself....

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If you want to plan a wedding right, plan it AS yourself.... This statement sounds shockingly obvious but the reality is that so many brides get caught up, frustrated with and overwhelmed by the traditional running order of a wedding simply because it's the norm and what people expect. 

This completely goes against everything that is important about the day.  This one day in unlike any other in its finality. It's not like a dinner party or an event that you can learn from and improve upon next time (hopefully!), you only have one chance so therefore it should encompass and incorporate every single element that is important and a reflection of you and your groom.

Stop worrying about other peoples thoughts and opinions, because everyone has one, but it doesn't mean they are right! Anyone close enough to be invited to the wedding should be close enough to know you or your husband personalities and tastes and should be delighted to be a part of your big day.  It's important to know that when you start discussing options and potential unique plans, everyone will have an input, but, when it comes to the big day, all those quirky, unique, expressive personality ideas suddenly shine as inventive, individual and iconic.  

If you want to retain some of the wedding day traditions and yet merge them with your own personal flair, then here's how to do it,

1. Stop Listening - to others opinions, focus on what you and the groom ONLY want.

2. Decide firstly, home or abroad for the wedding, this reflects numbers.

2. Make a wish list of the unique things that you and your groom want to include in the wedding day.  

3. Make a wish list of the wedding traditions that you want to include.

4. Price the individual things to see how this works for your budget, this will help you align your priorities.

5. Imagine the day and how much time is actually going to be available, what items are must haves and what are nice to haves. It's better to do one things sensationally then 3 things averagely.

6. What is the one unique thing on your list that is the perfect representation of you and your grooms personality? Put it top of the list.

7. What is the one thing on the list that neither of you care about but are doing to please others? Remove it immediately.

8. Think practically about your venue and attire.

9. Think about the memories that the things will create, if it's not going to be a highlight for you than choose what will always stand out to you as a wow feature.

10. Remember it's all about you and the groom, nothing else matters, so listen ot your heart and go with your gut, this is the one day when you get to choose what really makes just the two of you happy!


Finally, when all else is said and done, don't forget, make sure your dress is the most magnificent, it'll be in every memory and picture that you make of the day!!!

Why be a sheep following when you can be a lion leading. Be individual, be yourself, be spectacularly, mesmerisingly unique!


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