Interviews now on for the position of Bridesmaid...

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'Interviews now taking place for the position of Chief Bridesmaid. Applications happily accepted from bad organisers, poor administrators, those without a romantic inclining and with a tendency to over indulge....'  

This is not really the job post that you would expect to see if a bride were to put out a call for chief bridesmaid applications, maybe it's a recipe for disaster, or maybe, just maybe it's the perfect set up! Choosing your chief bridesmaid is a very important decision, not quite on-par with choosing your husband, but in the run up to the wedding and the day itself they tend to be your biggest supporter and helper, so your choice can be critically important to maintain your own sanity.

The perfect chief bridesmaid choice should be made not on the stereotypical image of what a bridesmaid should be and do, nor just on who you are closest to at that moment, but should be a reflection on the areas where you really need a friends help and support the most.  


Are you a poor planner, unorganised, easily stressed, leave things to the last minute and over emotional at the best of time? If this is you then you need an A1 Chief Bridesmaid.           Characteristics of an A1 Chief Bridesmaid - Organised, Decisive, Calm, Proactive, a Leader, Likes Plans & Planning and Accepts nothing less than Perfection, Pro-Active. She will help to encourage excitement yet keep you calm, meticulously organise your Hen party, make you run through your checklists and schedules in the remaining weeks before the big day, ensure everything is organised on the morning of the wedding for you and your family, will come with a handbag full of pins, plasters and plenty of perfume, keep an eye on you to make sure your day is going perfectly, will by the first person up the next morning to help celebrate your first morning as a married woman and help you prepare for Honeymoon!  She loves you like a little sister and wants to help you create the most memorable day of your life.

Are  you meticulously organised, fully planned, like things done your exact way, controlling, decisive and always under strict control?  If this is you then you need a B1 Chief Bridesmaid.  Characteristics of a B1 Chief Bridesmaid - Laid Back, Relaxed, Poor Administration and Planning, Over Indulgent, Party Animal, Goes with the Flow and is Re-active. You don't need help with organising your wedding or hen party, you'd prefer to do it your way anyway... What you want is a bridesmaid who will be fun on a hen party (organised by you!) and breaks the ice with all the girls, who you'll have fun trying on dresses, who'll constantly find a reason to make another toast with champagne, from engagement through to wedding day (just make sure you get a glass of it!), at the wedding she'll pull you to the dance floor all night and you'll be lucky to see her by tea time never mind breakfast time the day after the wedding. She loves you like a big sister and wants to celebrate this wedding party to the full with you, and maybe find herself a groomsman in the midst, but hey where's the harm, you could have planned that anyway!

Not that requesting CV's is the way to go but when choosing your chief bridesmaid, firstly look at your own characteristics and then see which of the girls is the perfect match, sometimes it's not who you may have first thought. With the right bridesmaid and the perfect wedding dress what could go wrong???? 

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