One Size Fits All?? Not in Bridal

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One Size Fits All is as generic a phrase as you can get, but in no industry has it less relevance than in Bridal.  A brides shape will always be slightly unique to her, merge that difference with an individual style and her unique preferences and the idea of a 'one size fits all' approach is nothing short of impossible.

The individuality of each brides choice in dress is representative of the many different personalities2 Nadine  22  Thumbnail0 that boutiques will experience.  A boutique must be able to recognise the signs of these different personalities and react appropriately to ensure that each individual and varyingly different brides receives an experience that is consistently special, informative, helpful, magical and relaxing. 

The choice a bride makes in her wedding style, or the budget with which she has to spend is not a reason to alter the level of service or the quality of the experience that each bride receives.  A bridal boutique relies on more than the collections it holds and its location alone, reputation and referrals are essential to future business and this must be clearly understood by every member of staff and adhered to at every moment.  It is most common that for every bride a boutique encounters, that bride has an extended circle of friends and family where 4 - 5 ladies will be getting married in the next 24 months. 1 Dahlia sitting LR Thumbnail0 Ladies hold in high regard the feedback they receive from friends and family on the experience they had when purchasing a bridal dress. People buy people first, the importance of creating an environment of a relaxed welcome, understanding the brides requirements, appreciating the importance and excitement of the event and reacting appropriate to the bride and bridal parties requirements is essential to promoting an experience that is sure to result in referral business and continuing to build a reputation as the boutique with the best experience and the most knowledge. 


Brides expect only the best of service, anything less than this is unacceptable. Make sure to express your exact preferences, feelings, concerns, likes and desires, the boutique is the expert and there to help you find 'your' perfect gown whilst creating a wonderful experience for you  and your bridal party - this is a once in a lifetime experience, make the most of it!

Boutiques, don't forget that every bride is unique and wonderfully different and it is your job to ensure that you make their individual dreams come true and, importantly, that the experience they each receive is consistently special, wonderful and complete - your business depends on it!                                                               



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