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It's ever so easy to become submerged and entrapped by all the add on's that you can include in your wedding day.  Needless to say the 'add on's' are also the elements that can dramatically increase the spend and push your budget into the stratosphere.  Let's be honest, when the time comes and it's time to actually plan your wedding day, we all want the day to be the most memorable, special, unique, romantic and atmospheric event of the year...if not of the decade.  But at what point do you stop, sit back and prioritise what constitutes a wonderful wedding  and not just a wonderfully large bill?

Looking at it from a guests point of view, a wedding is a long day and the ladies especially have spent hours getting ready between outfit preparation, hair, nails, make up etc. while the men wait (im-)patiently to leave for the ceremony, neither getting any food before the church.  By the time they get to the venue they are ravished... Welcome canapes and drinks are an absolute must!!! You as the bride and groom will be so distracted by photographers requests, meet and greets, trying to take it all in and actually steal a few private words with each other, that you won't notice the time fly by to the dinner bell (although personally I was never so happy to see canapes and scones as at my own wedding, it was certainly operation combat hunger by PM!).



Think of the venue with an open mind to all weather forecasts, if you have 125 guests together at the reception before the meal for up to 4 hours, you want to be sure that whatever the weather, the venue works for your guests? Is there atmospheric seating inside and outside depending, if outside is it suited to standard wedding attire or do you need to advise flat shoes to help guests hobble over the cobbles, mud and stones (believe me, it's happened!). Perhaps you'd be better considering buying a basket of pumps instead of spending money on forgeable and useless favours of chocolates or almonds or flimsy photo frames? 



This is your wedding day and you should choose the food, drinks and format that makes you most happy, this is your first meal as a married couple make it reflect your tastes, remember though you will be siting with your favourite people at the top table, your bridal party and this is guaranteed to ensure you have a great atmosphere and fun, but think of your guests, it doesn't take much time and effort to work out the seating to ensure people are all at suitable tables, not only does this leave things planned and organised for the seating arrangements but it also plays a big part to setting the town and atmosphere for the remainder of the wedding.

So, maybe forget about fireworks, forget about falcons and forget about flimsy favours and invest instead in getting the simpler things that really create the wedding day atmosphere itself right first.  A good atmosphere is what creates a wonderful, unique, magical day that is most memorable to all guests...well that and your luxuriously expressive, magnificent, wedding gown, but we all know that that's the number one priority....


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