Interview With a Bridal Expert... Leticia Lopez, BridesSecret

How did you get into the bridal industry? 

I started because I wanted to grow personally in the self employed market, I had a stable job in which I reached the top of my career, so I decided to give my life a change and open the business.

How has your business evolved since then?

The business has continued to grow positively. At certain times with slower growth due to commercial circumstances or constraints that I couldn’t always control, but those were always positive; the changes that we have been through and evolved through have always resulted in growth for us.

How has the industry evolved over the last 3-5 years?

From my point of view the industry has evolved towards the “current” bride, it flexed and changed to adapt to the trends of the time and it has evolved to answer and respond to what the bride of today wants.. Modern designs and fabrics without losing the romance and the lines and silhouettes that a bridal gown requires.

What are the most important things that are influencing brides of today?

Design and Price.

The easy accessibilty to and influence of the Internet allows the clients to compare more styles, brands prices etc., this translates into it now requiring more visits and time on average before closing the sale with them.

How have you changed and evolved your business to combat the changes in buying behaviours and the market in general?

I am looking for suppliers, both of gowns and accessories, with a modern design and a good price without ever having to compromise on the quality of the product.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome in the last 3 years?

I met a lot of obstacles, but if I have to choose the one that stands out the most, I think that it is the fact that I had to learn everything by myself on the cuff from the inception of the business.  I mean, I come from the health care world (I am a nurse) and after 18 years I decided to give my working life a compete turn around– for several reasons. The bridal shop had other owners and when I took over I also had to take over certain situations and obligations that rose from the transition.

I didn’t have the opportunity to receive training or initiation on the basic commercials of the previous business, so instead I had to immerse myself and learn quickly about how the bridal world works. I also had to learn about fabrics, gown cuts and a whole lot more.
I am still learning day by day, but I believe the results and the evolution of my business are a good indication that I am on the right path. 

What is your most important piece of advice to brides of today?

The most important thing in my business and what gives the most value to a bride experience, is to listen to them. By listening to what they want and empathizing with the brides, both the bride and the bridal shop can establish a connection based on trust. Once you have that, they let you guide them and they listen to every piece of advice you give to them.

What is your most important piece of advice to your international bridal peers?

My piece of advice to new business is to follow the trends at the beginning in order to start strong. Also to ensure that you provide value and constantly promote your brands, designs and prices.

I can say that at the moment in Malaga's’ province, BrideSSecret is the shop that offers the best quality, cost and relationship to brides, and that is possible thanks to constant


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